Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Its here, its finally here! Tyson has been checking the mail on a regular basis, somedays he checked up to 3 times a day! Each trip to the post office would lead to disappointment and we would all wonder where it was. Today after I got home from school I asked Tyson, who was outside mowing the lawn, if he had checked the mail, he said no. I came inside and noticed that there was a voice mail on the phone, I quickly checked the caller ID and noticed the post office had called! I then started listening to the voice mail and it said"this message is for Tyson, today is a good day to get the mail!' I ran outside and told Tyson. He was shocked and said, No. So I said lets go. We drove up and he ran in and got it. I think he was still shocked that it had finally come. He told Brent that he wasn't going to even look today and see if it had come. Well It worked. It was there. When he opened it we were pleasantly surprised to where it was to. England London Mission! I do have to admit, Im scared about him going so far, and so close to the crazy things that have been going on over in that neck of the woods. But I know that its where the Lord wants him to go. Im scared to let him go, Im sad to have him going for 2 years. Im not sure Im ready for all this but Im going to have to get over that soon enough. August 17th will come all too soon. Im so proud of his decision to serve a mission, and of the young man he has grown to be. This will be an exciting time for our family.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Nothing yet.....

Tyson continues to check the mail every day, today Brent did that for him since he is at a baseball tournament in Med Hat. Im glad it didnt show up today, with him being gone I think it would be torture waiting for him to get home tomorrow to open it! If you havent already posted a guess as to where you think he will be called to, go to my facebook page Where is Tyson going on his mission .

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Papers are in, call has been issued & waiting for it to arrive!

Its all starting to feel so real now! Yesterday we got word from our Bishop that Tyson's call has been issued and that it was mailed out to us on April 29th. We are all so excited for this and for Tyson but still worried about where he will be called to. I know that the Lord knows where he is to be going but as a mom it is still scary. I still can't believe he is old enough to be going on a mission, its amazing how fast the time goes by, everyone always said treasure the time you have with with your kids when they are small, they don't stay small for long.  He has been checking the mail every day hoping that it will come sooner than later. He says the waiting is going to be the hardest part. I'm so glad Tyson has chose to go on a mission and so proud of the young man he has become!