Monday, August 8, 2016

Only a WEEK left with my boy!

As I sit here writing I am overwhelmed with emotion, both happy and sad, worried and proud. I only have one more week, 7 days left with Tyson home before he leaves on his mission. How has this time come so quickly? How do I hold on to the last few moments I have with him? I can't help but think about when he was a small child. He was such a sweet and adorable little boy! He was a mama's boy and I loved that he was! And still is, maybe not to the extent now, but I think we have a close bond. I am so proud of the young man he has become and
the leader I know he is. I have had so many people say what a great missionary he will be because he is a leader. He has shown that in the various sports he has played and in every aspect of his life. He has never been a follower, if someone was doing something he knew was wrong, he told them and never became of part of it. He has shown his gentle heart many times and knows how to work hard at the same time. I feel like I am rambling on about him. This Sunday is his Farewell. I have to admit I am so glad that the church has changed their sacrament meetings regarding missionary farewells, I would hate to have to give a talk and look like a fool up there crying. I look forward to hearing his talk.  Some days all I have to do is think about him leaving, hear a song, and it triggers the tears. I know he is doing the Lords work and there is no other place I would want him to be. I am so excited to see the growth in him and hear about the experiences he will have and the people he will teach. I know that he will be looked after and that if he works hard and obeys they mission rules he will be protected. I am just going to miss him so much! Miss having him here every day, miss talking to him, and most of all his hugs! He has always just out of the blue walked up and given me a hug when he feels like it! And I love that he does! I will miss them.

On July 28th, 2016 Tyson went thru the Cardston Alberta Temple to take out his endowments. What a proud moment that was for me! Watching your children grow and stay strong in the gospel is such a rewarding feeling, one that you will never forget. My dad took him thru as his escort. My mom, Brent's parents, Cynthia and Rob all went thru with him. He said it was a great experience. I am so thankful for his girlfriend Bethany! She is such a great example to Tyson and she has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I know she will miss him so much but I am proud of her decision to serve a mission too.

Tyson flies out of Lethbridge at 5:20am on August 16th. I treasure the time we have with him this week but also look forward to the many amazing experiences he will have serving the people of the England London Mission!