Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Its Pday again!! You know what that means!!

Since Tyson left, Tuesdays are now my favorite day! Once school starts again it wont be quite so much fun unless i can manage to chat on my phone through email if I get time. he has been sending lots of pictures on icloud so I will share some on here. And also emails too, but todays email was to everyone. He spent most of the day at the temple, which he loved. Its nice that he gets a device so he can read our emails daily and not just on pdays, but he is only allowed to email us on pdays. He is doing a pilot project that only 10 of them in the MTC and in the whole world right now are doing, and he says its kinda top secret haha, when ever they leave the MTC there ipad gets deleted so that it doesnt get out. He loves it and it keeps him so busy.
Elder Bourne in front of the Preston England Temple.
With his companion Elder Mauerhan.
All the Elders in his district, District Moroni. Elder Bevans from Cardston is next to him on the right. They have really become great friends!