Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Its Pday again!! You know what that means!!

Since Tyson left, Tuesdays are now my favorite day! Once school starts again it wont be quite so much fun unless i can manage to chat on my phone through email if I get time. he has been sending lots of pictures on icloud so I will share some on here. And also emails too, but todays email was to everyone. He spent most of the day at the temple, which he loved. Its nice that he gets a device so he can read our emails daily and not just on pdays, but he is only allowed to email us on pdays. He is doing a pilot project that only 10 of them in the MTC and in the whole world right now are doing, and he says its kinda top secret haha, when ever they leave the MTC there ipad gets deleted so that it doesnt get out. He loves it and it keeps him so busy.
Elder Bourne in front of the Preston England Temple.
With his companion Elder Mauerhan.
All the Elders in his district, District Moroni. Elder Bevans from Cardston is next to him on the right. They have really become great friends!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

First P Day emails and Pictures

Tuesdays are Tysons Pdays at the MTC. I got to chat back and forth thru email with him for a while before he went to bed. They went to the temple that day and to the market. He sounds happy and is doing great.
 this is a view from out his window, they dont have screens in them so bugs get in.
 his class room
 a peach apple, says it tastes like a peach with the consistency of an apple

 His district is called Moroni
 at the temple!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our first email from Elder Bourne!!

Yesterday we said good bye to Tyson, he flew all day (got up at 3am our time to get to the airport on time and then arrived in England around 1am our time. I have never worried this much about anything before, i was on pins and needles worrying about him catching his flights ok etc.
Here is the email we woke up to this morning! We were so excited to get one!!Knowing he is there safe and sound and on time makes me relax a bit now.

 Top 2 pictures are of Toronto, last Canadian soil he saw.

Germany from the plane.
Tracking his plane as he flew from Lethbridge to Calgary to Toronto to Frankfurt Germany to Manchester England!

Tyson's Email he sent letting us know he arrived ok, just without luggage.

 I got to the MTC
fine, but my bags got lost on the way over. Just my luck right? I'm so
done with flying it's not even funny. I absolutely hate it. 26 hours
is too long to be flying. Tell dad I got pictures of Germany, and it's
gross haha. Hated it. I have an iPad here at the MTC that we get to
use. I don't know my companion yet, but I feel like it's a guy going
to my mission from Utah. We're both on iPads. It smells weird here.
Kinda like a pig pen. I don't like it haha. Mix that with smoke and
it's awesome..! Oh and I flew alone the whole way and at Toronto had
to run across the airport to get to my next gate. So tell dad e was
wrong about that. Tell Kaden I only have 729 days left before he sees
me again haha. I'm doing fine just tired. I need to go exercise so
I'll email soon. Idk when my P day is. Anyways have fun sleeping and
write me when you wake up!

Elder Bourne

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

He's Gone.

As I write this, I am on my laptop tracking Tyson's flights online.What a hard thing to do as a parent! Sending your son off on a mission is probably the hardest thing I have ever done! The past few days have been tough on all of us. He had to say goodbye to Bethany yesterday before he went to get set apart as a missionary. That was hard for them both to do. My heart was breaking for them both. Then we went to the church to meet with President Maxwell. My mom and dad & Mark and robyn were there with all of our family. Kaden has been having a really hard time dealing with the fact that Tyson will be gone for 2 whole years. When we got to the church, Pres.Maxwell took Tyson in for one last quick interview. Then he talked to us all and then he gave Tyson an amazing blessing and set him apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that he will be a terrific missionary and will work hard and do so much good! We are so proud of the young man he has become and the example he shows to the rest of us and to everyone around him. I know We will miss him terribly but in the long run, it wont really be that long. This time will be a time of growth for both him and all of us at home. Right now as Im writing this he is sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for his connecting flight to Frankfurt Germany. I have been praying all day and all day yesterday so hard for him so that he will get on the right flights, with all of his belongings, especially his passport, letter for customs for his visa, his wallet and carry-on bag. I have also prayed hard for his safety, for him to be watched over and protected, for him to have peace and comfort as he travels there, possibly alone the whole way! At the Lethbridge airport, there was no other missionaries leaving from there so we are really hoping that he will meet up with another missionary along the way. As hard as it is to send him off today, there is no other place that I would want him to be and no other work I would want him to be doing! I am so thankful for the Gospel and the joy it brings to me and my family, for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of all of us and loves each one of us. I know with all my hear that Tyson will do amazing in England and Love his mission and the people over there. My heart aches to hold him again and to see and talk to him again, but we are one day closer to having him home with us!!

Tyson's farewell

Today was Tyson's mission Farewell. This day was a day I thought would not come as soon as it did. Everything seems to be happening at lightening speed and as much as I try to hold onto each and every moment it slips faster thru my fingers! Tyson was assigned to speak on Obedience. He did an amazing job writing his talk and making it thru over 15 minutes of speaking. He was the first speaker, second was Darren Hubbard of the High Council, who also gave a great talk on lifting others up and helping them become better members of the Church. So many of Tyson's friends were at church to hear him speak, even a non member friend Dallas Houghton came! From my family there was mark and Robyn's family, Mandy and Shawn's family, Matt and Kristi's family, my mom and dad, Grandma Norma and even my uncle Doug came. That really meant a lot to us that he came considering he hasnt been to church in years! From Brents side there was his parents, Addy and Lois, Monte and Alyson and Mark and Logan and Jim and Barb Depew. Bethany's family came, her parents and brother carson and sister Aubrey, grandma and grandpa Baril, grandpa and grandma Hardy, her cousins Ava and Mia and Mckaya.

After church we came home and had a dinner and had a good visit with everyone. Josh Judd, Teddy Cahoon, Rylan Ratky, and jamie Cook came over to visit. Josh had a hard time saying good bye to Tyson, they are pretty tight close friends. It was a good day, and busy day and we really appreciate everything that everyone has done for us and especially for Tyson.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Only a WEEK left with my boy!

As I sit here writing I am overwhelmed with emotion, both happy and sad, worried and proud. I only have one more week, 7 days left with Tyson home before he leaves on his mission. How has this time come so quickly? How do I hold on to the last few moments I have with him? I can't help but think about when he was a small child. He was such a sweet and adorable little boy! He was a mama's boy and I loved that he was! And still is, maybe not to the extent now, but I think we have a close bond. I am so proud of the young man he has become and
the leader I know he is. I have had so many people say what a great missionary he will be because he is a leader. He has shown that in the various sports he has played and in every aspect of his life. He has never been a follower, if someone was doing something he knew was wrong, he told them and never became of part of it. He has shown his gentle heart many times and knows how to work hard at the same time. I feel like I am rambling on about him. This Sunday is his Farewell. I have to admit I am so glad that the church has changed their sacrament meetings regarding missionary farewells, I would hate to have to give a talk and look like a fool up there crying. I look forward to hearing his talk.  Some days all I have to do is think about him leaving, hear a song, and it triggers the tears. I know he is doing the Lords work and there is no other place I would want him to be. I am so excited to see the growth in him and hear about the experiences he will have and the people he will teach. I know that he will be looked after and that if he works hard and obeys they mission rules he will be protected. I am just going to miss him so much! Miss having him here every day, miss talking to him, and most of all his hugs! He has always just out of the blue walked up and given me a hug when he feels like it! And I love that he does! I will miss them.

On July 28th, 2016 Tyson went thru the Cardston Alberta Temple to take out his endowments. What a proud moment that was for me! Watching your children grow and stay strong in the gospel is such a rewarding feeling, one that you will never forget. My dad took him thru as his escort. My mom, Brent's parents, Cynthia and Rob all went thru with him. He said it was a great experience. I am so thankful for his girlfriend Bethany! She is such a great example to Tyson and she has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I know she will miss him so much but I am proud of her decision to serve a mission too.

Tyson flies out of Lethbridge at 5:20am on August 16th. I treasure the time we have with him this week but also look forward to the many amazing experiences he will have serving the people of the England London Mission!