Friday, June 9, 2017

Missionary Miracles

This week was a good week. We got an email from Sister Westenskow, a sister missionary (she and her husband are serving a mission in England and live in Cambridge. She has sent me a couple of other emails along with pictures of Tyson and we love getting them!) She sent us pictures again of Tyson but this time she told us about how Tyson and His companion went to their house and said they need to find a guy named Clinton. A little bit of background first about Clinton, When Wes Balderson and his wife were serving their mission in Cambridge a few years ago they reactivated Clinton. So when we talked to Wes he said if Tyson ever gets to Cambridge he needs to look for Clinton and also a lady named Kim. So back to my story. Tyson and his companion arrived at the Westenskow's house and said they need to find a guy named Clinton and a lady named Kim and told them about what the Balderson's told us. Sister Westenskow couldn't believe it because Clinton was actually on his way to their house and would be arriving in a matter of minutes! Tyson was so excited! He sent a picture home of the two of them. Later on they saw the sisters talking to a lady and guess who it was!! It was Kim! She stopped and talked to them! Talk about Missionary blessings!


Tyson is loving his mission and having lots of success! He says time has been going by way too fast now and cant believe its almost his year mark! He gets along so well with his companion and loves this area! We got a bit worried the other day when the terrorist attack happened on the London Bridge and another location close by too. But after hearing that it took place late at night in a touristy place made me realize that all the missionaries should have been home tucked safely in their beds. Tyson assured us that he is safe and out in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for that! But he did say that today they would be in central London for a meeting with D. Todd Christofferson. So hopefully they are safe and sound and have a great experience at their meeting with him.