Friday, July 8, 2016

40 Days!

I can believe there is only 40 days left until Tyson will be in the MTC! Time just keeps slipping by way too fast! Tyson has been busy working for Easton Chipman doing electrical work this summer, which keeps him busy and earning money to help pay for his mission too. A few sundays ago he was set apart as an Elder, and received the Melchizedek Priesthood. That was a great experience and a proud moment as a mother. His Grandpa Bourne gave his that blessing and in the circle were my dad, brents dad, Robbie, Ricks Smith, Our Bishop, and President Low. Its so exciting to see Tyson becoming the person he is and how his testimony is growing.

We have been working on getting everything ready and have accomplished quite a bit already. His passport and Visa are ready, which makes us so relieved. That was a stressful time for us. We just need to get the last little big bought and put together. He needs to go thru the temple and plan when his farewell will be now. We received his travel plans and that alone makes me scared and worried! He flies out of Lethbridge at 5:20 am on August 16th. From there he will fly to Calgary, to Toronto, to Frankfurt Germany, then on to Manchester England. Thats a lot of stops and a long travel time! I am already having a hard time somedays thinking about him being gone for so long. I know he will be where he should be and that he is doing the Lord's work and will be watched over. But I am going to miss my sweet boy!! Some days I can't even listen to a church song without getting teary eyed thinking about him being gone. Its going to be the hardest thing to let him go, but so worth it.