Friday, September 16, 2016

Pday in Kettering England!

Mondays are Tyson's pdays, and he put these pictures on icloud for us to see. These are the Elders that are in his flat with him. Not sure what the other two companion ships names are, he hasnt said. One is from Chile and the other is from Norway, can you figure out which is from where hahaha. They had a huge breakfast that morning and it looks like they enjoyed it. 
 this is a view of outside their flat.

 in the fog.
 Their building, their flat is the top one in the middle with the 4 pained window.
 Tysons was on cloud nine, they went to teach a family and the dad has a huge Jordan shoe fetish just like Tyson!! So they had to take a look at all the shoes lol.
 Tyson got his Birthday packages!! Heather Johnson from our ward was going to England and offered to take them with them. They mailed them from where they were staying and he got them a couple days later!! Wonder if he will wait until tomorrow to open them lol.
he said when he sent this picture, "welcome to England, where you cant read any Book of Mormons lol there are so many other languages over there, very multi cultural.