Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tyson's New area!

A few days ago we received an email and pictures from Tyson's Mission President, President Stevens. He informed us that Tyson had arrived at the Mission Home and met his new companion, Elder Sanchez from Spain. Here are the pictures he sent as well of all of them. His  first area he is serving in is a city called Kettering, which is in the Northampton Zone. its below in the light green zone on the top left, and the city is also on the top left corner of the zone. Since Tyson gets an ipad for his mission, he has been putting all his pictures onto a shared folder on icloud. So this way he doesn't have to send all the pictures thru email, they are all just there, we can see them and keep track of them as he sends them. Its so nice and it makes it so much easier for him too. Im so glad that he is doing well and excited about things. He did say in his last email the day before he left the MTC that he was sad to leave the MTC, he loved it there and loved how small it was and how it felt like a family there. There was just over 100 people in the MTC and he said he talked to every single person there at least once! Thats something you cant do in Provo! He made a lot of really strong friendships there too and was sad to see them leave to other missions. He has a few that are in the same zone and same mission. So i'm sure that they will see each other in zone meetings soon enough. I can't wait til tomorrow! Mondays are his P day now. We will most likely wake up to an email in the morning! This 7 hour time difference is taking some getting used to. There is a couple in our ward, he is from England, who were going there this week for a visit and offered to take a package over for Tyson! That was so awesome and we were so grateful for their kindness!! I hope he can get it in time for his birthday on Saturday!!