Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Into the Field!

Today Tyson woke up bright and early (5:15am his time or 10:15pm our time) to get ready to leave the MTC. He said in his email Tuesday that he will be sad to leave, he has loved his time there and met so many great friends, .a lot who are not in his mission. He was looking forward to getting into the field and hopes he has a great trainer. Thats what I hope too! I can't wait to hear where his first area is! Here is his email from this week!

Elder Bourne and his Companion Elder Mauerhan.

Elder Bourne with Elder Bevans
Elder Bourne with his room mate Elder Clabaux

 Hello everyone!

So this week has flown past... It seems like I was just emailing and
boom. Here I am again haha. So this week as a whole MTC we went on a
church history tour! We went into Preston and toured the city where
the first apostles arrived and where they began preaching. That was
such a cool experience to see how the places haven't changed all that
much. One balcony where they preached is still there! We visited a
house where those early apostles stayed, and they had an account with
the devil, I think it was Heber C. Kimball gave another guy a blessing
and was thrown across the room. Then they could all see the "Devils"
in the room and they used their priesthood to get rid of them. Next we
went to the River Ribble, where the first baptisms happened in
England. The city of Preston has made a park and it has a sign that
talks about how significant this place is the the LDS church! After
that we walked through the park and came onto a street, just some
random street we all thought, but then we stopped in front of this
house and our guide told us that this was the house President Hinckley
lived in while he served his mission, that is also the same place
where he received the letter from his dad stating "forget yourself and
go to work." So that was super cool!! After that we visited a little
town called Downam (I have no idea how it is spelt) and it was this
little village in the English country side where this family legit
bought every house in the 1600 and if anyone wanted to do anything
they had to go through this family to change the house and such. This
is also a spot Elder Holland has been know to come to ponder. He
received revelation on where to build a temple in this area, and got
the answer Chorley or better know as the Preston temple.

We went on splits yesterday and I actually got to talk in the lesson
haha, the teacher who we were teaching came running after me and Elder
Gago and told me that was the best I had ever taught and I needed to
talk to Elder Mauerhan and tell him he needs to stop talking so much
and let me talk because I have a spirit about me and I know my stuff..
So that was super reassuring!

I've actually loved the MTC. I could not imagine going to Provo and
seeing new people all the time.. I can say I've talked to every single
person here at least once! I love love love having a small MTC because
you just feel like a huge family! It's so awesome! The time here has
flown past, it doesn't seem like I've been here for 3 weeks.. I'm
nervous and excited to get out of here. Mostly nervous because I don't
wanna be in the city right of the bat haha.

So they feed us a lot of lamb here, and I actually really enjoy it!
Yorkshire pudding is to die for.. Those are the best thing ever on
Sunday! We have a TON of potatoes. Legit almost every meal. Soo
everyone has been constipated 😂😂 we've all been taking stool
softener because we don't poop for like 3 days hahahah. One elder said
it best "I push for a mile and I get an inch! This is definitely me
learning patience and perseverance!"

Anyways that's all for this week!

Elder Bourne