Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our first email from Elder Bourne!!

Yesterday we said good bye to Tyson, he flew all day (got up at 3am our time to get to the airport on time and then arrived in England around 1am our time. I have never worried this much about anything before, i was on pins and needles worrying about him catching his flights ok etc.
Here is the email we woke up to this morning! We were so excited to get one!!Knowing he is there safe and sound and on time makes me relax a bit now.

 Top 2 pictures are of Toronto, last Canadian soil he saw.

Germany from the plane.
Tracking his plane as he flew from Lethbridge to Calgary to Toronto to Frankfurt Germany to Manchester England!

Tyson's Email he sent letting us know he arrived ok, just without luggage.

 I got to the MTC
fine, but my bags got lost on the way over. Just my luck right? I'm so
done with flying it's not even funny. I absolutely hate it. 26 hours
is too long to be flying. Tell dad I got pictures of Germany, and it's
gross haha. Hated it. I have an iPad here at the MTC that we get to
use. I don't know my companion yet, but I feel like it's a guy going
to my mission from Utah. We're both on iPads. It smells weird here.
Kinda like a pig pen. I don't like it haha. Mix that with smoke and
it's awesome..! Oh and I flew alone the whole way and at Toronto had
to run across the airport to get to my next gate. So tell dad e was
wrong about that. Tell Kaden I only have 729 days left before he sees
me again haha. I'm doing fine just tired. I need to go exercise so
I'll email soon. Idk when my P day is. Anyways have fun sleeping and
write me when you wake up!

Elder Bourne