Friday, February 3, 2017

P-day pictures

Elder Bourne sent these pictures home to us on his P-day. He is doing so well and loving his new area. They received a referral the other day and it turns out the couple are members but they inactive and want to get back into the church.They said they kind of lost faith and they want to restore that again. They gave them the first lesson and Elder Bourne said it was the most spiritual experience on his mission! He said they are awesome and their scriptures are completely marked up and the wife said that she has the same burning in her chest as when she went to church years ago.  I cant wit to hear more about this next week. He also met a guy at the university in Buckingham, the town not the castle, who was in Canada this last summer and biked across the country and was in Cardston, so Tyson told him he lives 20 minutes away from there. The guy invited him for drinks, to which he had to decline but was going to try and meet up with him again this next week to  give a discussion. They are working so hard and finding people to teach. Their hard work is paying off. This month on the 17th of February marks Elder Bourne's 6 month mark! Its starting to go by faster now. it warms my heart to see him so happy and loving his mission so much!

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