Thursday, January 26, 2017

What missionary work is all about

I know this is out of order but i forgot to put this one in with the others. Its one of my favourite stories for far from Tyson's mission so I thought I would share it. When Tyson first arrived in Kettering he met Brother Routley. The first time meeting him wasn't exactly a wonderful experience, Brother Routley was drunk, Smoking and said some pretty foul words to these poor elders. He told them to get out of his flat. Well these Elders didn't give up on him, they continued to visit him often and always tried to make him feel happy. Eventually his heart softened and he started letting the Elders in and listened to what they had to say. He stopped drinking and was trying so hard to stop smoking too. His whole attitude started changing and he eventually went to church with them. One day he asked if he could talk to the bishop. He even wanted to bear his testimony too. He ended up not doing that because he got scared and ended up leaving. But Tyson and his companion never gave up on him. They helped him see how important the gospel is in our lives and saw such a huge change in Brother Routley. He sent Tyson a really nice text when he found out that Tyson would be transferred. It said:

" It was a pleasure meeting you! You are a great ambassador for the Lord. All the Best in your life! XX  - Brother Routley

This makes all the times we miss Tyson worth him being so far away! Helping others to come u to Christ and strengthen their testimonies makes it all worth it!

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