Thursday, January 26, 2017

Playing catch up!

Ok its safe to say i have fallen WAY way behind on Tyson's blog. I have been trying to keep things caught up so that I can have this to look back on and remember everything about his mission and for him to have as kind of a journal. So i am going to do my best to catch up without making this super long but including all that i need to include.
This was before transfers, with Elder Sanchez.

Since my last post Elder Bourne got a new companion. He didnt get transfered this tranfer and he was happy about that. His new companion is Elder Jacobsen from Norway. He was already in their flat and they just shuffled the elders around a bit. But Tyson's trainer got moved to another area. We found out that he was super lazy and didnt want to work. Not what you as a parent want to hear when thats your son's first companion in the field. Tyson always had to motivate him and get him out of the apartment. Long story short Elder Sanchez just wanted to be done and go home.
In the pictures below is on P day in Kettering. The elders in the picture are Elder Jacobsen(Tysons companion) , Elder Bourne, Elder Chatoa & Elder

This picture below is on the Sunday of Remembrance Day weekend. Instead of having it on Friday they have theirs on the Sunday. After church they attended their cenotaph wreath laying ceremony and laid a wreath on behalf or the church and their ward there. The Lady in the red coat is from their ward, Sister Twigger, who was in charge of the ceremony. Tyson and Elder Jacobsen were on the church facebook page for this too, it was pretty neat to see that!  
Tyson gets to stay in Kettering for Christmas. He was pretty excited about that. He has grown to love some of the people there and has become close with a couple of families. The one Family is the Williams Family, and they feed him and his companion all the time. His new companion is Elder Moraes from Brazil. He was a district leader in his other area and is now the district leader for this area too. He too was also not a very obedient missionary who didnt want to work and Tyson had to motivate him too. Im starting to see now why Tyson was assigned to talk on Obedience as his farewell talk! Im just proud of him for staying obedient and working hard. 
The couple of top pictures are of The new elders in the flat. Elder Kaden Wood from Spring Coulee Alberta is now living in Tyson's flat!! What are the chances of that happening!! Two elders from small town souther alberta ending up in the same flat all the way over in England!!
They were both so excited to be there together, especially at Christmas time. They get along so well and Im sure they will become great friends for life because of this too. Tender mercies i tell ya!
Tyson's 1st baptism! The sister missionaries had been teaching Krisz before he moved to Kettering, then when they found out he would be moving there they had skype calls with Tyson and his companion to get to know him and build that trust with him. They continued to teach him after he arrived in Kettering and they ended up baptizing him. He asked Tyson to be the one to baptize him so he was pretty excited about that! 

Christmas Day Skype call!! What a wonderful day!! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than getting to talk to Tyson! We all were so excited to see and hear him talk. Oh how we miss that voice. He was so happy and loving his mission! 
Zone meeting just before transfers. He found out shortly after that he would be getting transferred. This was at their zone training meeting. Its kind of sad to think some of these missionaries that he has been with since the MTC wont be in their zone anymore and who knows if they will see each other again. 

This picture above is the night before transfers. Elder Wood and Tyson's were quite sad to see each other leave and took pictures of them together holding the Canada flag. He is the first Elder from Canada/North America since the MTC that Tyson has had with them in their flat. All the Elders took Pictures together with their homeland flags. The picture to the Left is all the Elders from Alberta Canada! There is Elder Wood, then an Elder from Lethbridge, Elder Bourne & Elder Barfuss, who is Kristen and Brett Barfuss's nephew from Airdrie. They saw each other in London at the meeting point which is at the train station. It was a bittersweet day for sure. Thank goodness for Tyson being an a technology mission where they get to have ipad's and can keep in touch with other elders and members and investigators thru email and facebook! Some of these elders will be friends for life! 
Tyson's good friend from the MTC and thats from Cardston, Elder Bevans, had to come home due to health issues. I feel so bad for him, he was a great missionary who loved serving in the England South Mission, but we hope he can make a recovery and that his back and knees can heal. He is one Elder who is going to be a forever friend for Tyson too! They got along so well and had a hard time leaving each other at the MTC.  
So thats it for catching up! I hope you can see these pictures and read in more detail about them. I love the picture of Tyson beside the Bourne Close sign!! There is a town called Bourne just north of Kettering but its in another mission. He is loving his mission and excited to be going to his new area.

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