Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tyson's 1st transfer - Bletchley!

Tyson got transferred this transfer, its his 1st transfer so far. His new companion is Elder Chong from Singapore & his new area is Bletchely. This city is a bit smaller than Kettering but it has a ton of WWII history. This is where they decoded the German Enigma machine to win the war. Bletchley Park is where it all took place. So far Tyson loves it there and gets along well with his new companion who is a hard worker and loves being a missionary too. Fingers crossed it stays that way.  It snowed over in England too. Tyson was so excited to see snow, especially after seeing how much we have at home and having no snow over there for Christmas. Its been cold but no snow til now. He said it only lasted about an hour and then it had melted but those flakes are so big and fluffy. Also below are pictures of their flat, and the houses behind him are what the flats look like from the outside! Really nice places and this city is a lot nicer and new than Kettering. His style has sure changed since being over there! He has gone from sporto to posh! He said everything over there is super posh and he has been dressing in slim clothes and really nice shoes, that you can get for super cheap! There is a store thats basically a Walmart but its called Asda. Its just the English chain of Walmart.   He is loving his new area and working hard. He wrote home about how him and his companion were out tracting and they weren't having much success but Tyson knew they needed to be there and that there is a reason they were tracting in that area at that time. His companion wanted to stop and go home cause he was getting really discouraged but Tyson said they needed to keep going and that Heavenly Father wouldn't want them to quit, they are doing his work and that he wanted to listen to the prompting he was getting. So they continued on, knocked on a few more doors, nothing, but they got to the end of the street and went to the last door and the man living there was an excommunicated member, who hasn't had any contact with the church for 25 years. He let them in and had a really good talk with him and he invited them back again. Tyson said thats why you always listen to promptings from the Holy Ghost and why you never give up. He said it was such a wonderful experience for him and how he felt so grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing them and helping them find this man. This is what I love to hear about! It warms my heart to know that Tyson is doing so good and having these amazing experiences and how his testimony is growing everyday!!

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